A Baby – Family and His Brother Ch. 03

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Is this story true or not, you tell me

We left off with a cock in my mouth and a strap on dildo in my pussy. I know many of you won’t believe what I am writing. But true it is…believe it or not, only really matters to me.

As Jan continues to fuck me, my mouth was around Nick’s cock and sucking on it like a child drinking from a baby bottle. I could see he was in total bliss and kept saying, “Yes honey suck on it like that.” As I sucked, my tongue would lick the underside of his cock and he was moaning, I could feel that he was going to cum, and it seem like he was going to pull it out, but I wouldn’t let loose of his cock, grab him around his ass, and let him know I wanted his cum. This is the first time that I took cum from a man in my life up to that point. Jan continued to fuck me, and my pussy was gyrating on the dildo as my orgasm was building.

Nick exploded in my mouth and I continued to suck like a baby, then licking and swallowing it all, it tasted a little salty, but it was his, and I wanted it all, cause for the first time in my life I enjoyed the cock that was in my mouth, it was from the man I loved and I wanted to show him that I loved him to. Jan was saying, “Yes Hun suck him dry, such your new lover dry”.

She leaned down on my back after Nick came and proceeded to whisper in my ear “I love you”, as the dildo was plunging in and out of me, and I said, “yes, oh yes Jan, I love you to” she built my orgasm up to such a high pitch that I started to scream and she thought she was hurting me and stopped, I screamed “No don’t stopped please don’t stop”. She then starts right back into rhythm again and I scream, “Oh God please don’t let this ever stop” my body starts to tremble and shake. Both Jan and Nick thought I was in some kind of epileptic seizure. I had orgasm before, but these two people in my life physically for just fewer than 24 hours gave me the 3 greatest orgasms a female could ever ask for. I lay on the couch dripping-wet and Jan got up and went to Nick, she started to kiss him and said I love you Hun. I stared and was not jealous, got up and walk over to the both of them and said “Yes I will move in”. They both laughed, kissed me and said lets go to bed. I always slept on Nick’s left side and Jan on his right from that evening on.

I want to tell you something about their immediate family, before I go on further. I mentioned earlier, Sue (16) HS junior, Guy 15 HS illegal bahis Sophomore still at home. The rest were Oldest to youngest (Annette 24, Chuck 23, Victoria 21, Lisa and John 19 Twins) all living in California now. “Nick’s family three brothers, Jan’s three brothers, one sister.” During my 18 years with Nick he lost a brother killed in an accident and both his parents to old age. One brother lives in California the other in the same state as us. Plus we had another tragic lost, which I will tell you about later in my story.

I am going to give you little more information in regards to what Nick’s family was like and what type of people they were, and then I will get on with the story.

I woke up the next afternoon for we never got to bed until 9 AM in the morning. Jan was already up and in the kitchen cooking. Jan greeted me with a kiss and said did I sleep well, I said just like a baby and asked where was Nick, she said at the store and will be home soon. She mentioned that if I wanted to go for a swim in the pool, or lay out in the sun to go ahead and that this now was my house to. She also mentioned that Sue and Guy were out there sunning now. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but what was said was the truth, they both treated me like an equal and ask my advice on many things through out my life with them. It was put this way, whatever decisions is made affects all of us, so I should have input into that decision.

“I don’t have a swimsuit” I said, Jan said, “you don’t need one, its private back there and no one can see you.” I mentioned what about Sue and Guy who I haven’t met yet see me nude. She laughs “Hun you will get use to us, go see it won’t matter to them”. I said to myself what am I getting into here, is this the family who sleeps together stays together.

Far from the truth, just that Nick and Jan are conservative in some ways, but very liberal in others. I got a towel and started to head for the pool, with the towel wrapped around me I step out on the deck, their naked as the day they were born was Sue and Guy, lying on towels by the pool sunning. When I shut the door they both turned and said Hi come on over, walking up to them and very nervous. They said that Mom told them I was here and that I was going to be living with them.

Guy made a smart remark and said yes you are very beautiful and wished he was older. Sue started to laugh oh don’t pay any attention to illegal bahis siteleri him; he always talks with his other head. I couldn’t help laughing. Guy stood up and said I am being ganged up here and said he would be back in a few minutes going to get a drink and ask if we wanted one and I said yes. When he stood I could see his father in his physique and yes also in his genital area, also, he was very handsome and knew the little shit was getting laid whenever he wanted to. (Which I found out later was true). Sue also was very beautiful with a gorgeous body. It felt weird cause she was only a 1 ½ years younger then me. We had small talk, and she asked how I met their parents, after explaining she said, “Well you will be good for them and please don’t hurt them”. I assured her I could never do that to them. She stared at me and said, “Yes, I see that in you, and that’s why my parents love you.”

Sue stood up and turned towards me and with her legs spread a little said lets go swimming. I couldn’t help noticing she was shaved to. Her body was gorgeous and turning me on. I said, “Ok” and she looked down between my legs and then said, “how come you don’t shave Nicole”. I told her never thought about it, but kept it trimmed so it wouldn’t show in my bikini. She looked at me and said, “Well were going to have to do something about that Ok”. I was a little stunned, but answer “Yes Ok”.

We both dove into the pool and swam and chatted a little. I was in the shallow end and Sue walked up to me and sat close and started to ask me questions about how it was going to bed with a woman. I was startle with her brashness, but said “Well I don’t know”. She looked puzzled, then she said didn’t you and Mom get it on. She explained that she knew her Mother was Bi and both of her parents never kept secrets when it came to finding out things about sex.

I really didn’t know how to answer her at the time, but was saved by the presence of Jan and Guy coming onto the deck and asking us if we wanted any sandwiches. I said yes and got up and walked to the table and grabbed one. Jan was naked now and said well did you enjoy the swim. “Yes I needed that and thanks for the offer”.

She smiled anytime Hun.

Sue then spoke “Mom, Nicole said I could shave her, is that ok with you”. This is the Gods truth I was drinking my Coke and almost choke on it. Jan started to laugh and said that is entirely canlı bahis siteleri up to Nicole, but don’t you think maybe I might want to do that for her.

Sue look kind of upset and then admitted it would be better for her Mother to do it, but if Mom couldn’t find the time that she would if I didn’t mine. I told her that I appreciated the thought and when it happens I would make sure Jan would have the time. Jan winks at me and I knew it was going to happen that day.

Later that day I asked Jan if she mine taking me into town to get my car, so I could go to my place and get some cloths, sure Hun she answered. From that day forward my whole life changed.

This is how I came to know the Man I loved. I settled into daily life with Nick and Jan. We had sex on a constant basis and each time we became closer and closer to each other. The kids grew up and moved out to California. I know a lot of you are wondering if Sue and I got it on, the answer to that is Yes, but much later in life. That will be a separate story.

The day that really changes my life was the saddest day of my life. I was now managing Nick’s bar and we all were very happy in the relationship we had. I loved them both; they treated me as their equal in all matters including business decisions. Nick paid for my college education, got my Masters in Business and Human Resources. He paid me top wages to run his bars, plus share in the profits at the end of the year equally between the three of us.

After 5 years I was financially secure, thanks to these two people who help me invest my money in the right places and were the sweetest, kindest people anyone could meet let only love them. They have a strong family who got together many times.

The day that changed many things was a phone call about 8 years into our relationship. “Hello”, yes is Mr. ______ Home, I said “Yes” who may I say is calling. Tell him it’s the police. I ran to Nick and told him he had a call and whom it was, his face turned white with worry, cause Jan wasn’t home and she never was late for him. He took the phone, and just stood there with a look of shock, Ill never forget that day. He lay the phone down and turned and looked at me, just staring, with tears running down his cheeks, two words came out of his mouth, Jan’s dead. I screamed “Nooooooooooo, God can’t do this to us”. He grabbed me and held me and we both cried like babies. A drunk driver, on a country road coming home, killed her.

I am sorry, but I can’t write any further today about this, bringing back to many sad days even though this was 12 years ago. My tears won’t allow me; hope to finish tomorrow.

To be continued

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