Saffron and Sam Ch. 06

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Ch 6 A Night of Contrasts and A New Beginning

All characters in this story are over 18 years of age unless otherwise stated. This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to any people living or deceased is purely coincidence. I appreciate the feedback and I’m really enjoying writing this story. Please keep the comments coming.

Our band played a fraternity party that Saturday night, that in my opinion, was nothing but a drug and alcohol infested orgy. The last four songs of or third set, I don’t think there was anyone that wasn’t involved in some kind of a tryst.

Saffron was her usual self, wanting something every night when I got home. Who was I not to accommodate her? I really felt she was insatiable, bordering on wanton. Not that I was complaining mind you, I was getting very good with the “practice.”

I still was getting the looks and harassment from the cheerleading squad and the Janus sisters, Brandi and Mandy. I just took it in stride and didn’t worry about it. After all, I had been bullied all through school by experts. Compared to them, these girls were nothing. I just fought back through verbal banter, using my wit and brain to turn the tables on them. It usually ended up with people around them laughing at them, instead of at me.

On Wednesday, one of the girls in the spirit band who played clarinet, Melanie Henderson, came up to me after band practice and began talking to me. Melanie was one of the girls that had the braces and the thick glasses that everybody knew and thought was nice. Y’all know one of these people, after puberty she had grown into her lanky body with wonderful curves, had gotten contacts and lost the braces. She had carrot top red hair, nice curves, about a 32 B chest, and an angelic face dusted with just a speck of freckles. She’d always been nice to me, but she was a real surprise when she came up to me and start talking, because she was just very easy on the eyes. I hadn’t noticed the change in her over the years, even though I played in the spirit band with her now for three years.

“Hi Sammy, are you going to Beverly Abrams’ party on Saturday night?”

“I don’t think so, Melanie, I don’t ride in those circles and I have been invited.” Beverly Abrams was one of the in crowd and I didn’t really know her well. I hadn’t been invited to her party and hadn’t expected to be.

“Well she’s a friend of mine, Sammy, and told me to invite you. So will you go?”

“Yeah, I guess so, will you be there?”

She just giggled and said, “Of course I’ll be there silly, why would I invite you, if I wasn’t going to be there? I’ll see you about seven on Saturday, then.”


The rest of the school week was relatively uneventful. On Saturday night, I got dressed to go out to the party, wearing khakis and a black, long-sleeved, button-down shirt. This I bottomed off with my black leather shoes.

I got to Beverly Abrams’ house, which was in a very well-to-do neighborhood. My family was upper-middle-class, while they were two levels above us. They had a long paved driveway up to a beautiful two-story , well- adorned home. I parked my Mustang on the street, and walked up slowly to the house, not a short one, I might add. I rang the doorbell and was greeted by a lovely brown hair, blue eyed girl, Beverly Abrams, who grabbed me by the hand and welcomed me in like I was her long-lost relative. I was automatically uneasy, because these people are way out of my class. I went in and grabbed a beer from the keg they had in the kitchen and started nursing on it.

All the sudden, I saw a vision of loveliness approaching me in a sexy black dress with spaghetti straps, Melanie Henderson. This dress really did her shape justice and made her look much better than she had when she talked to me the other day at school.

“Oh good Sammy, you made it.”

“Well I told you I’d be here, so here I am. Would you like to dance?”

“Absolutely.” She grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor in the next room. We began dancing like we had danced together all our lives. She didn’t have the moves of Barbara or CC, but she moved very well. She was fun to dance with. All the sudden, a slow song came on and we began to dance. I felt her molding to my body like she was a part of me. She was obviously braless in that dress because I could feel her hard pebbly nipples pushing into my chest. It was not all that unwelcomed of a feeling. Her hair smelled very good and I loved her perfume. It was having an effect on me. We danced like that for about 8 to 10 min. through to slow songs, back to back. After the end of the second song she pushed slightly away from me and looked me dead in the eyes and move forward to kiss me. I met her halfway and we began a soft , but passionate mouth melding. We were just standing on the dance floor doing this. People started whistling and yelling to “get a room.”

She pushed me away and said, “That sounds like a good idea doesn’t it, Sammy?” Her pendik escort tone of voice was more of a plea then a question.

“You’re right, that does sound like a good idea.”

She grabbed my hand and led me back through a hallway to an open bedroom door, pulling me inside.

We kissed each other again, very hard and forcefully. She dropped down to her knees, loosening my belt, and pulling pants and underwear down in one motion. All of the kissing and a feeling of her nipples poking me in the chest, had gotten me pretty hard, so she wasted no time in sliding her mouth over my member. I could tell by her technique, that this wasn’t the first time she had done this.

“Melanie, you’re doing very well at that.”

She moved her head enough way that she could speak and said, “Thanks to your will show on the bus the other night, I did it for the first time to Ronnie Malcolm, but I didn’t swallow his junk.” I went out with him again last Saturday night, did it again, but still wouldn’t swallow his sperm. After that, he wanted to go all the way, but I wouldn’t do it because he wouldn’t return the favor and give me head. He got mad and said I was a teaser. But I don’t care, I want to feel what it was like to have done to me what you did Tamika Brown.”

I knew Ronnie Malcolm was a player and not just of his trombone. He was the type of guy who took what he could get and could care less about the girl. Melanie going back to work on me brought me back to reality and I enjoyed what she was doing for me.

I felt the urge starting in my lower stomach and coming up from of tips of my toes and I warned Melanie that I was going to come. She is began working me even harder until I unloaded my jism into her mouth. She just swallowing everything I gave her and kept on like she was trying to keep me hard.

“Melanie, what are you doing? I thought you didn’t like to swallow. You shouldn’t do anything, that you don’t feel comfortable doing.”

“I said I wouldn’t swallow Ronnie’s, because he wouldn’t do me. You’re going to do me aren’t you Sammy?”

“Nothing could stop me unless you do, Melanie. By the way, what you just did was fantastic.”

“Thank you Sammy, it was only my third one.”

“Girl , you’re quick learner.”

I began by kissing her again taste myself when tonguing her mouth, while I reached my hands around her back, slowly unzipping her dress. When I got her unzipped, I just reached up and slid both the straps off her shoulders, watching her dress fluttered to the floor. She bent over and picked it up and laid it neatly across one of the chairs in the bedroom. She laid on the bed in just her bra and panties and she looked delectable. I slowly crawled between her legs, and began kissing from inside her knees up her inner thighs. As I got closer and closer to the delicate junction between her legs, her breathing became more panting and ragged. I noticed a large wet spot on her panties and she could hardly sit still. I could smell her arousal from midway up her thigh and was getting me hotter and hotter.

I rotated from thigh to thigh as I made my way toward her nether region. The smell of her arousal was intoxicating as I reached up and grabbed the waist of her panties to pull them down. She lifted her hips enough to assist me in getting them down as I knelt between her knees. I slid back down and continued my oral onslaught. I began licking from the bottom of her gash to the top as she bucked and flexed her pelvis up into my mouth.

My sole objective at that moment was to make this girl come in my mouth, to return to her the pleasure she had given me. I began my flicking, tonguing and lightly nibbling her clit. As I felt her stiffen and moaning my name I knew she was about to pop and moved my mouth down to capture her love nectar in my mouth. As I felt the flood began I swallowed and tasted her essence to enjoy for my efforts.

She had her hands in my hair and was pulling me up her body to get level with her face. I asked her she was on some kind of birth control and she said she had been on the pill for three years. I asked her if she wanted to go through with this and she told me yes.

I lined myself up, my steel hard cock being poised at her opening and began slowly entering her. All of a sudden, I felt an obstruction and looked in her eyes, which were clenched shut. She said in between pants, “Go ahead Sammy, make me a woman.”

Now I’m sure, some of our growing to call me a traitor to the male race or without balls, but remembering what CC had said to me, I just couldn’t do it. I slid out of her and rolled over onto my back beside her. She just looked at me and said, “What’s wrong, Sammy, is something wrong with me, why can’t you do this for me.”

“Melanie, I just can’t take this from you tonight, not like this. You should be giving this up to someone you’re in a relationship or that you deeply care about, not me.”

“Well what’s wrong with me?”

“Melanie, there’s not a thing escort pendik wrong with you. You’re intelligent, you’re beautiful and you have a killer body. But I’m not Ronnie Malcolm, I just can’t take a girl’s virginity and be a sleaze about it. I like you an awful lot and I like talking to you, always have. But I don’t feel romantically towards you and think you should find somebody that really likes you for you, before you do this. Believe me, you’ll really thank me for this someday.”

I helped her dressed, zipping up her dress for her, and then dressed myself and said to her, “Save a couple more dances for me, will you?”


We walked back of the room holding hands into the general population of the dance area. She started mingling with some friends of hers as I grabbed my now warm beer and continued mingling. All of a sudden I saw Brandi and Mandy Janus standing by the fireplace, smirking at me. I wasn’t really in the mood for it tonight, so I kind of brushed them off. However, as I got worked around back to the fireplace again, Brandi kind of cornered me at the edge of the hearth and said,” Fuck the band geek, did we?”

“No we didn’t, can’t you keep your mouths shut for one evening, Brandi? All we did was mess around a little. Leave the poor girl’s business out of your and your sister’s gossip column for a change. I don’t particularly like you spreading stuff around about me, but I can handle it. That girl’s just trying like everybody else, to fit in. For once in your life why don’t you live up to your initials and your reputation, find a cock and stick it in that big mouth yours and shut up about other people lives.

“I will if it’s yours, Sammy. Give me what I want and I’ll keep my mouth shut. I want what all these friends of my sister’s are getting. After watching you with Tamika Brown, I want it even more. I can’t see why you’re resisting.”

“Not going to happen, Brandi, I don’t want it plastered all over the school. You and Mandy can’t keep your mouths shut.”

“I want you to know, Sam Sanderson, that I’m not used to being talked to this way.”


“You do know, that you had thrown out a challenge, and I will have you some time.”

“Of course you will, Brandi. By the way, when does hell freeze over?”

I walked away to see smoke almost literally steaming out of her ears. I’m sure she wasn’t used to being talked to like that, she was used to getting what she wanted. However, no matter how hot she looked, she wasn’t going to get it, I was determined. She did look fantastic, she was built like Lindsay Lohan, and just as pretty too, but in my opinion, just as fucked up, as well. Her crimson hair was shoulder length and well styled, and had an angelic face that hid the devil inside. Her chest was enormous, just like her sisters. I don’t know what they drank in the water over there did Janus house. But the girls in the family sure were well endowed.

I continued to dance with several girls around the party, who seemed to mostly asked me, instead of the other way around. I was enjoying myself immensely, when all of a sudden, Tamika Brown and Kerry James, two of the cheerleaders, grabbed me and dragged me into a bedroom. There wasn’t much light and I wasn’t expecting the strength of these girls to be able to drag me in so easily and throw me face first onto the bed. They aimed it perfectly so that my face landed directly on to the naked crotch of Brandi Janus. “Let us know if you need anything else or any help, Brandi, “was what they said as they walked out the door.

I had to admit, I expected Brandi Janus to have a nice looking pussy, and boy did she. Her smell was overwhelming and she was literally dripping.

“Well you’re down there, start licking.”

I started to get up and say something, but my words were muffled as she grabbed my head and pushed me down onto her. I really had no choice but to begin licking. She tasted good and I began working on her in earnest. I mean, what guy is going to turn down a piece of ass from the best looking girl in school, and the head cheerleader, as well?

She just mewling and gyrating her pelvis into my face while saying, “Oooh Sammy, you’re such a good little pussy licker. No wonder Tamika sprayed all over your face. I might just do that too.”

While was working on her with my tongue, I slid 2 fingers into her and began finger fucking her while I thumbed her engorged clit. She started going crazy bucking her pelvis and came all over my face.

“Sammy honey, you have to fuck me hard right now, I need your hard cock.”

“You want it hard, I’ll give it to you, you bitch.”

I got up on my knees, undoing my pants and sliding them down as far as I could, and lifted her legs straight up until her ankles were on my shoulders by my ears. In that position she was completely splayed open to me, with her labia angry and red, but wide open. I lined up and entered her with such force that I thought I’d knocked the pendik escort bayan wind out of her. She began grunting, as I began pounding her harder than I ever had anyone before. My objective was to give her so hard a fucking that she wouldn’t be able to walk right for a week. I really didn’t care if I hurt her or not, that’s how primal this situation had made me. She wanted me and now she was going to get me. “Be careful what you wish for Brandi, you might just get it.”

“Pound me, Sammy, kill me if you have to, but fuck me, fuck me hard.”

I kept up my forceful hammering with my pelvis as hard as I possibly could. We were both sweating so badly that we were making squeaking noises everywhere our skin came in contact. She started coming so loudly, I thought everybody in the neighborhood had to have heard her. She soaked my throbbing hard cock twice while I continued my primal thrusting. I was banging into her groin so hard I knew I had to be bruising her. I just really didn’t care that moment. I was sweating so hard, that it was dripping down onto her face into her eyes, stinging her. When I began to feel the urge that my time had come, I didn’t even asked her if she was fixed, I just didn’t care. I shot my load into her as deep as I possibly could, straining clear down to my toes to dump my spunk.

I lay down beside her and she just looked over at me and smirked, saying, “See I told you I get what I want.”

“That’s okay Brandi, I’m sure you’re going to pay for it the next two days. Now get down there and lick my cock off, I can’t put it back in my pants all slimy like that.”

She got right down, and did what I told her to do, cleaning our combined juices off of my now deflating, well-used cock. When she got done she just looked up at me, saying, “Sammy, you sure are a great fuck, the best I ever had, we’ll have to do it again.”

“We may or we may not, you’re not always gonna have your cheerleader buddies around to drag me in here. I’ll take that as a compliment, though, I’m sure you have plenty to compare to. You notice of course I had to be dragged in here.”

“You forget, Sammy, I watched you with Tamika. I knew once you got a whiff my pussy you weren’t going to turn down.”

She was right, she had a fantastic body and she looked like a queen. Once I whiffed her arousal, there was no turning back. She was after all, one hell of a piece of ass.

“We’ll see Brandi, we’ll see.” With that I pulled on my pants and underwear, buckled my belt and tucked in my shirt, and I turned around and left her laying naked on the bed.

I walked back out into the crowd and danced those couple of dances with Melanie Henderson. I was really enjoying myself, nursing a new beer, while dancing my ass off with every girl that would. All of a sudden, I watched Brandi Janus emerge from the room, barely able to walk, and I started to chuckle. She just went over and stood rather unsteadily at the hearth again talking to her sister Mandy. As I was saying my goodbyes to leave, Mandy said to me, “Well you gotten the two older sisters, when do I get my turn?”

“Come see me when you’re a lot more mature and about a year older, I might just take you up on that.”

That got me a scowl as I turned around and walked away. I left to go home and began thinking on the drive home about what had transpired at night. I felt I had done a very noble thing with Melanie, even though I lost to Brandi Janus. I mean I could hardly classified as a loss, considering what I had done to her. I finally arrived home, parked, and when I got down to the basement, Saffron was waiting for me for our, now nightly regimen of sexual deviance. She asked how the party went and I explained everything to her.

“That was so sweet, Sammy, what you did for that girl Melanie. I knew I had a gentleman for a brother. You really messed up Brandi Janus so bad that she could hardly walk. That’s precious. That girl has a lot of experience, you must’ve really given her pounding. I hope there’s some left for me. I want you to pound me just as bad as you did her. Let’s see what I walk like tomorrow.”

“If that’s what you want, sis, that’s what you’ll get.”

I took her into my bedroom and gave her what she wanted. She literally was staggering when she got dressed and left for her room.


Sunday mornings were always a special occasion at our household. Mom always made waffles and dad always made scrambled eggs and potatoes cooked together with cheddar cheese on them. This morning was no exception. I came in with the appetite of a bear and really began digging in, with mom and dad.

I chuckled with delight, when Saffron could barely want to win in and mom asked her what was wrong.

“I I slipped and fell in the shower and I’m just really sore, mom.”

“Well you need to be more careful, honey, you can break your back that way.”

“Mom, you can break your back a lot of ways. But I’ll be more careful. Thanks for caring.”

“As she sorely began gathering her food on her plate, groaning each time he reached across the table, she gave me a look that made me start laughing.”

“Sammy, it’s not nice to laugh at your sister when she’s in pain.”

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