The Crossing

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The 10 mile journey to Roo’s new school involved driving along some of the nicest country lanes I have ever seen in England. At that time in the morning we were pretty much guaranteed to have the roads to ourselves, save the occasional tractor coming the other way. This move to the country 3 months ago had been one of my better decisions – cleaner air, fewer people and an altogether healthier life. The downside was having to drive my 18 year old daughter everywhere.

As we approached the level crossing for the, by now, standard 12 minute wait (two trains would eventually chug their way between villages) my mind wandered. Roo was texting some essential information to her new best friend Hayley. News that couldn’t possibly wait until she actually saw her at school in less than half an hour. It always surprised me that there was never anybody about at this part of our journey. So much so that I seriously wondered whether there was some alternative route on a super fast motorway that nobody had told me about.

It was one of those beautiful spring days that just makes nature seem so much more vivid. A strange silence always accompanied us at this crossing, as if we had entered some secret, private place. No traffic sounds, no birdsong just a dense quiet that would eventually be gently broken by the distant trundling of approaching trains. Roo was happier now too. She liked to accompany the sound the car made as it crossed the tracks B-dumm b-dumm – an echo of something she enjoyed as a child.

Of course actually talking to a teenager was out of the question so we both occupied ourselves with private thoughts. Suddenly the answer to 12 across popped into my head and I reached over to the back seat to retrieve my newspaper. ‘Have you got a pen?’, I asked her.

Without looking up from her phone she stuffed her school bag into my face. Roo wasn’t really a morning person.

I rummaged in the bag among the books and paraphernalia and eventually located a shiny purple pen. Suddenly the bag was wrenched from my hands as Roo let out an anguished howl. She gave me a biro and stuffed the bag under her feet, her face bright red.

‘What’s that all about?’, I asked suspiciously

‘I just don’t like people going through my stuff’, she said defensively.

‘Well, you gave me the bag. What’s so secret that your face has gone like a beetroot?’

Then it dawned on me. Using my special deductive powers on which I prided myself, everything became apparent. She was a drug addict – probably crack – and she was dealing at school to fund her habit. The purple pen was actually a container for her illicit packages, needles even. No doubt she dabbled in prostitution as well. I ordered her sternly to give me the bag. I was going to get to the bottom of this. No doubt there would be a period of cold turkey, a clinic maybe, but I would do everything I could to ensure that my daughter recovered from her – oh…

Roo’s face had gone a shade I hadn’t seen before – as vivid as the leaves on the red birch.

‘Oh’, I said again pathetically. ‘It’s a….thing.’

I absent-mindedly clicked on the clasp of the ‘pen’ and the vibrator buzzed into action with a light hum. Now completely at a loss as to what to do, I fiddled with the switch in the vain hope that this would maybe teleport me to a different planet at least illegal bahis until the incident was forgotten about – say in a thousand years or so. Unfortunately my clumsy confusion only made matters worse as I activated turbo mode and the purple pleasure-giver took on a life of its own. I shoved the offending item into Roo’s hands as if it were some kind of frightened rodent. She calmly switched it off and replaced it in her bag.

Never have I been so relieved to hear a train. There was no b-dumm b-dumm that morning.

The following morning I sensed I hadn’t been forgiven. It was a crisp sunny day outside, but in the car it was decidedly frosty. Roo was texting. No doubt telling Hayley that, so far at least, her pervert father hadn’t strip searched her for marijuana. As we waited by the crossing I had a thought. Maybe I should have just let it go but it was niggling me and I just needed to –


‘What?’, she barked.

‘Well…fair enough, you’re not a crack whore. I was wrong on that score and I hold my hands up.’

‘Jesus, thanks Daddy. I’m glad you had such faith in me.’

‘It’s just that…’

Every voice in my head was telling me to shut up. Leave it. Let it go.

‘Well…why would you take a – a…’


‘Yes. Why would you take it to school?’

‘Oh well why do you think father? Obviously as we are sitting around sucking our opium pipes we also like to pass round a dildo so that members can have a quick wank. What is WRONG with you? I took it to show Hayley, she wanted to see it.’

Every voice in my head sighed and said ‘you’re on your own, we’re out of here.’

‘Oh. Hayley. I see.’

I tried to sound non-commital, even cool, but instead it came out like the strangled awkward articulation of a 13 year old kid who’s just seen his first bra.

The thing is Hayley is…how can I put this… smoking hot. She had been to our house 3 times and the last time I had managed to sneak a crafty peek up her skirt. I had congratulated myself on my cunning, using reflections from the kitchen cabinet to provide a secret vantage point.

‘Yes Hayley. The girl whose knickers you kept staring at from the kitchen.’

An image came into my head of the beautiful Hayley enthusing about the vibrator, maybe she even took it to the toilets to give it a whirl, her white panties soaked as she eased the buzzing tip over her swollen cl-

‘Dad are you a little stressed at work or something, you seem awfully tense lately.’

This is why females are so great. I was so hopelessly in the wrong on every level that by rights I should have been nailed to a tree and flogged, but here was Roo showing concern and tenderness. What a lovely girl my daughter is.

As I stared at the barriers of the crossing wondering what to say I became aware of a strange sensation on my wrist. I looked down to see Roo gently smoothing the vibrator across my skin. I have to admit it felt very pleasant.

‘I’m just worried about you that’s all.’

‘Daddy, I know.’

She moved the toy up my bare arm and seemed to intuitively know where its effect was most pleasurable. I relaxed into a reverie. The incident had passed, we were OK. I was allowed back on earth if I promised to behave myself.

‘B-dumm B-dumm’, she said as we trundled over illegal bahis siteleri the tracks.

And so it went on. Each morning we would arrive at our level crossing and Roo would soothe my aching soul with her magic wand. Sometimes I would say ‘Buzz me up would you love’, and she would readily comply, her eyes shining brightly as she steered the little vibrator round the contours of my face, behind my ears, up and down my arms. It amused us both and I found myself looking forward to it, even becoming slightly disappointed when the trains passed by. No doubt this little diversion would have fizzled out of its own accord eventually had it not been for The Incident.

It was a Friday and we were both ready for the restful weekend ahead. The air in our secret enclosure was more scented than usual – perhaps a final burst of flirting from the flowers desperate for attention from a passing bee. The silence hung about us, it was as if we were the only two people in the world. Outside everything was absolutely still. Roo’s fingers were particularly expert this morning, she had located an area at the back of my neck which seemed to respond unusually strongly. I lapsed into my usual semi trance state and enjoyed the humming caress.

‘Shit!’, she exclaimed as she dropped the vibrator. It landed in my lap, the buzzing tip at precisely the correct angle, speed, and position to give me an instantaneous erection. The feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced, intense waves of sexual excitement coursed through my body. There was no way I was going to move the vibrator, and Roo simply stared in a mixture of shock, horror, and amusement, as first my pelvis then the rest of my body twitched. There was no going back now, I didn’t even care that my own daughter could clearly see that my cock was rock hard as I squeezed my legs together tightly to extract the maximum pleasure. Suddenly I came. Not in the ordinary way either. This was an orgasm quite unknown to me. My cock pulsed and twitched at least 20 times, each one wringing out globs of cum. I gripped the handbrake tightly as every muscle in my body tensed until, finally, it was over and I sunk into the driver’s seat like a burst balloon.

Roo delicately picked the vibrator from my lap and switched it off then stared at the mess seeping through the pale material of my trousers. It looked bad. As if an egg had exploded in my pocket. I could only imagine the amusement this latest development was going to provoke among her schoolfriends as I dropped Roo off. No doubt Hayley would be furnished with every detail, accompanied by suitably grotesque actions. Strangely though I didn’t care. The memory of the most powerful orgasm I had ever had still lingered in my mind. Roo had been giggling for the remainder of the journey and she had been unable to resist a parting stare at the congealed cum which had formed into the shape of Malta. Or was it Mauritius?

Monday came of course, as we knew it would. Roo had stayed at Hayley’s most of the weekend and I had found several jobs that suddenly needed doing in the garage so we hadn’t actually discussed the incident. But you can’t really expect a topic like ejaculating in front of your daughter to simply disappear. There was an elephant in the room and it needed addressing.

However, two things were canlı bahis siteleri obvious. One, I had worn dark trousers – deliberate? Subconscious? Who knows. And secondly Roo had spent the journey shifting in her seat and, it seemed to me anyway, deliberately letting her school skirt ride up. I suppose I should also mention that my cock had been rock hard from the moment we left the driveway and was still in that state as I pulled up at the crossing.

‘Um’, she said, the toy already buzzing in her fingers.

No words were spoken as she let the vibrator glide across my neck and arms, across my lips. Then, as if unsure, she finally, diffidently, moved it to my lap. There was no point trying to resist, she could see perfectly well the hard bulge. I leaned back a little and stretched my legs to grant her better access.

Roo carefully guided the vibrator over the length of my shaft through the material of my trousers, and then let it rest at the precise point it had fallen last time. Again I felt the waves of excitement coursing through my body, but this time there was the added intensity brought about by the fact that it was my own beautiful sexy daughter who was administering the pleasure. It didn’t take long. I bucked my hips forward as I felt the cum rising to the head and then just sank back and let it gush out. Roo seemed to squirm a little as she replaced the toy in her bag, her breathing quite deep.

This wonderful arrangement continued for a couple of weeks. Each morning I would shoot in my pants like a teenager, then one morning Roo surprised me:

‘Can I see it?’, she asked

I suppose our limits are arbitrary, considering what we had been doing, but this seemed like it was crossing a line. My daughter was asking me to show her my cock while she made me cum. But it seemed I was not actually being consulted. I felt her hands feverishly unzipping my flies and in a series of deft movements there I was, my glistening hard cock jutting out over the steering wheel. Roo stared for several seconds, as though at a particularly fine dessert in a top restaurant. She shifted her position and tucked one of her feet under the opposite leg, her white knickers in full view and a patch of moisture clearly visible between her legs. Then she brought the vibrator to my bare cock. It was a totally different experience and I was straining every sinew in my body to stop myself coming straight away, determined to make this last as long as possible.

As the precum tumbled out of the tip and cascaded down the shaft she switched the toy to turbo. The pleasure was almost unbearable as I felt the cum welling up inside me. Roo’s breathing was deep and rapid as she fixed her gaze on her father’s big cock, intuitively responding to every twitch. Then she did something.

She reached down between her legs and tugged the thin material of her panties to the side, exposing her juicy tight young cunt. As she fingered her swollen clitoris, her lips pulsing slightly as she dripped, I couldn’t take any more. Relaxing, I simply let it happen. The cum surged out in a torrent and spattered me in the face, down my chin, in my hair. Roo let out a long deep sigh as she too orgasmed, her cunt leaking cum over her hand and the passenger seat.

The train was approaching as we tidied ourselves up. Roo pulled off her knickers and slipped on a spare pair from her bag. She put the wet ones in my glove box and winked.

As I put the car into first and pulled away over the tracks she said: ‘you’re going to fuck me soon aren’t you?’


‘b-dumm B-DUMM!’

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