Massage Night

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Well, let me tell you about my rather interesting massage last night. I’d been thinking about it all day, and in addition to thoroughly enjoying the massage because I was quite sore from skiing for three days, Michelle was quite fun, and very fit. It turns out that she is an amateur mountain bike racer and is very lean. 5’6″ or so, black hair, about 120#, and very tight. Unfortunately (or fortunately) my type. Sometimes anyhow.

So she comes to my room, and sets up her stuff. Massage table, heating pad, oils, and some sheets. I start laying under a sheet, naked of course, on my back. She does my neck, arms and chest. The feeling of my muscles getting worked on is so relaxing and indulgent. We are chatting about bike riding, skiing, blah blah blah. I sort of have to keep talking otherwise I might wander into my imagination and there would be a serious tent pole in the sheet. So she moves the sheet aside and works on my legs, feet and quads, all the way up to my hips. Definitely have to keep thinking muscles, massage, relaxation. She has incredibly strong hands and gives a great massage. She talks easily and I keep my eyes closed and think of the muscles losing their soreness.

Same thing on the other side, arms, leg thighs. She has me roll onto my back and continues to work wonders on my sore back and neck. Then she does the feel, calves and thighs, and the very sore gluteals. I am feeling pretty good, and the soreness is easing. There still remains one area of increasing tension however, and I don’t know how to ask her to work on it.

As she is finishing, I ask her how long since her last massage. She pauses and looks at me, and says a couple months. She occasionally trades with another masseur, but she has been very busy. I ask her if she would consider letting me give her a massage. I tell her I know a little about anatomy (she knows I know a thing or two about anatomy), and though my massage skills may not be as good as hers, I think she would enjoy it. She looks at me carefully, and I tell her I am safe, and I won’t do anything she doesn’t want me to do.

Incredibly she agrees, and I go into the bathroom while she gets undressed and lays on the massage table under the sheet where I was a few moments ago. I ask her to start on her stomach so I can start massaging her back. When I come out from the bathroom, she is on her back with her lower body covered by the sheet. Her skin is dark and flawless. Her back is muscled and lean and the expanse of her skin is rather exciting. I definitely couldn’t do this if she was fat or something. So I get her oil bottle, and start on her neck and shoulders. She tells me her shoulders are usually sore from the biking, and the massages she gives. I stretch her arms and knead her muscles. She knows how to relax and helps me find her tight spots. I am wearing a terry robe from the hotel and I have to be careful not to let it get too open. But she is on her stomach and her eyes are closed. She tells me she approves and gives me a few tips as I work my way down to her lower back and legs. I skip over her gluteus for now, and go down to her illegal bahis feet. I work on her feet as she did mine, and find some aches there, that she lets go as I massage them. I work on her calves and hamstrings. Her legs are also thin and lean, without any fat. She is smooth and shaven with a couple scrapes from her biking.

I uncover one side of her leg all the way and admire her ass from my vantage point. It’s a good thing she can’t see me because she would definitely notice my ogling, hungry gaze. I work long, deep strokes, from her leg up to her back as she did to me, pressing deeply into her muscles. I am getting more than a little turned on by now, but I continue my professional massage. I cover that leg and do the other side, pressing hard into her feet and all the way up over her ass and lower back, all the way to her neck and scalp. She approves, I can tell, and I feel her breathe deeply, in and out, as I do, to let go of all the tension. I stretch her thighs and bend her feet back to stretch her quads. The sheet is now no longer covering her very well, and I take my time and admire the sight of her naked body on the table, glistening with oil and I see the darkness of her pussy as I massage the backs of her legs, getting just a little closer and closer to her inner thighs.

Not wanting to ruin this too soon, I tell her to roll over and she does so, turning away from me, and I cover her again with the sheet. I start on her neck and face, as she did for me. I pull the sheet down a little to rub her shoulders and arms, paying close attention to her hands. I stretch and manipulate her arm and shoulder, loosening the muscles. We talk anatomy and training, and I wonder if she is trying to not get excited either, for fear of being embarrassed, or something.

I slowly continue to massage her pectoral area, trying very hard to keep her breasts covered, and just focusing on the muscles and not anything overtly erogenous. I am dying to take the sheet down and just run my hands all over her. But I don’t know how far she is willing to let me go. So I then go to the feet, and uncover one leg, and just keep her midsection covered, from breast to groin. Her legs are marvelous. Tight and muscled, with dark, smooth skin. The oil and the dark shadows in the room are accents to an already exciting sight. I take my time at her feet and pull at her toes, rubbing the sole and the outer muscles. I work my way up her calves and thighs, kneading the muscles around her knees, going higher and higher to her hips, and inner thighs. She is barely covered, and from where I am standing at the side and foot of the table, I can see her dark, curly hairs at the edge of the sheet. She has not given me any signs of going too far, so I rub higher and higher on her thigh, kneading her inner muscles and moving her leg to stretch these muscles too. The sheet is no longer covering her very well at all, and I can see the outer lips of her pussy, which are glistening slightly. And I know it’s not from the massage oil.

She stays relaxed and easy on the table and I do the other leg similarly, taking much illegal bahis siteleri time at her feel and thighs, partly because I know these must feel good for her as much biking as she does, and partly because I am hoping that by going slow, I can build her excitement, and she will let me do more.

This strategy seems to work and I work her inner thighs and hips on this side too, getting closer and closer to her groin. I want to touch her there, but not yet. I go back up to the head of the table and stand over her head.

I lean forward and begin at her shoulders again, going down to her pecs and breasts. This time, I pull the sheet down and expose her breasts fully. Her nipples are hard and pointing. Definitely a good sign. I massage her abdomen and rub deeply from her ribs, to her hips, to her pelvis. I pull the sheet completely off her, and now frankly admire her completely naked body. I can’t help but tell her what a wonderful body she has and I can tell she is more than a little worked up.

“Can I give you a full body massage now?” I ask her.

“Yes, please do. This feels so wonderful.”

I rub her breasts now, kneading and squeezing their fullness. She is not large, but quite enough. Her breasts are firm and dark too, without any tan lines. The nipples are harder now, and the dark circles around them are large and covered with small goose bumps. I take a long time massaging the flesh of her tits, and then after a full 5 or 10 minutes, I pull at her nipples, making them even harder. I love that feeling. I can see her hips grinding ever so slightly and I can smell the scent of her arousal. I am thoroughly enjoying the feeling of her breasts in my hands, and I twirl each nipple softly at first between my thumb and finger, making her squirm. I pinch them and trace circles slowly and gently, each one at a time, letting her feel just that one thing and nothing else.

Reluctantly, I leave her breasts and let my hands travel down to her stomach and I rub just over the line of her dark triangle of hair, pressing deeply, trying to feel her from the outside. I coat my hands generously with oil, but she doesn’t need much now, as there is ample lubrication from her own juices. “I guess I don’t need much oil here, huh?” She just nods. Her breathing is shallower now, and I know she is aching for my touch. I run my hands up and down her lips, feeling every inch from her ass to her pussy, enjoying the sight and smell of her arousal.

I use two fingers to part the lips and I feel her inner wetness. My other hand finds her clit and starts stroking it slowly, rubbing up and down and around the sides. I try to find her most sensitive areas and I feel her inner muscles grasping for my finger. I slide one and then two fingers into her, and probe all around the velvety inner walls of her pussy. The combination of the oil and her moisture makes for the most pleasurable friction. I start moving my fingers in and out a little faster, alternating with twirling them deep inside, the front and then the back walls of her pussy. My finger strokes her clit faster and I feel she canlı bahis siteleri is close. I keep the deliberate rhythm until her breathing and her face tells me her climax is almost upon her. I continue stroking her and rubbing her until at last, her orgasm hits and her pussy grasps my fingers tightly and she screams a little at the ultimate release of the sexual tension. I keep holding her pussy and rubbing softly, letting her recover and return to normal breathing.

“I hope that worked for your tension,” I say.

“Oh yes, most definitely. I think I really needed that more than I thought.”

“You really have a wonderful body. I think I enjoyed it almost as much as you did.”

“You’re very kind and sweet.” She looks to me and sees my robe open and sees my hard cock pushing against the material, in quite plain admission of my excitement.

“It seems that I haven’t quite finished my massage either.”

“I’m glad you noticed. Yes, there is one more part you could massage that would be so nice.”

We switch places and she oils her hands and takes her time getting them warm before she places them on my body. She grasps my cock in her oily fist, and just holds it there for a moment. The first touch of her hand sends spasms through it and it takes a moment for me to relax. “I don’t think this will take too long,” I say.

“Don’t worry, I think you’ll enjoy this too.”

She starts using both hands to stroke my cock up and down, alternating hands and then letting one hand go to my balls and caress them too. Her movements are slow and rhythmic, and I am transfixed by the sight of this woman’s hands on me. She starts stroking faster and faster, then she slows down, almost stopping. My breathing is ragged now, and I enjoy the sight of her arm muscles as they pull on my cock and her breasts softly sway with the movement of her upper body.

Her hands seem sort of smallish against my cock, which is harder than I ever remember, and I can see her face watching it intently, knowing very well what she is doing to me. She does this fast-slow thing again and again, until I am so close to coming, yet she senses when to stop and just let me calm a little, each time raising the level of my excitement.

I am so crazy now, I can’t stand it. She uses one hand to hold the base of my shaft tightly, and then the other hand rubs fast, twisting motions at the head, and that sends me over the edge. My cock jumps as drop after drop of white, creamy liquid shoot up and lands on my shoulder, chest and stomach, and then runs down her hand as she hold me tightly, milking the last drops from me.

“I guess you needed that part taken care of too,” Michelle says, letting my cock soften in her hand. “I’ll get you a cloth.” She goes to the bathroom and I admire her form again as she comes back and rather lovingly cleans my skin of my come which starts to run down my side.

“Well, that was a most enjoyable massage. Very different too, I might add,” I say as she begins to dress and gather her things.

“When you come back, I hope you remember me, and give me a call. I’d be happy to give you a thorough massage again.”

“I definitely will, you can be sure of that. You are quite lovely.”

She finishes gathering her things, and I leave her a generous tip, and watch her walk out the door, down the hall.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32