A Virginian Life

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The other day, I was reading a story when the name Virginia Bradtfordt came up. Virginia Maria-Lisa Elleon Bratfordt! Instantly several things came to mind, not sequentially mind you, but all at once in a jumbled flood; big tits, promiscuous slut, troubled girl, big tits, fantastic ass, long honey blonde hair, big tits, sweet girl, whore, fucking on the levee, fucking in the back seat of my ’55 Chevy, fucking in her room, getting caught, big tits, fucking every chance we got, fucking her at Carl’s, sweet, sweet girl, watching Carl fucking her, the sleazy happenings in “The Backroom”, my father’s teen fuck-toy and the happenings at my dad’s French Quarter hideaway. She was, by far, the best girlfriend I ever had (except for my gorgeous wife). Then one other thought came to the forefront… incest.

It’s funny how the mind works. With just the very thought of her, the incest thing comes to mind. It comes to mind even though I didn’t have a clue about that while I knew her, or thought that I knew her. We went at each other hot and heavy for over four years, starting in junior high school and all through high school. Seems like we fucked every time we had an opportunity and we always fucked bareback with her taking my sperm-laden semen up whatever needy hole my cock was in at the time. She was a fun, enthusiastic fuck. Even when we no longer were “going steady”, we fucked. We were close, very close. We connected so effortlessly and not just with our genitals. She was my friend, my lover and she was a whore, a real whore. Through it all, I thought I knew everything about her, yet… I knew nothing. It wasn’t until after I saw her for the last time, just as she “dropped out and turned on”, after she was gone from me forever, that I had a clue.

It was Christmas break in 1967. She’d gone off to an out-of-state college and was home for the holidays. I had other interests then, but when she called and said she wanted to talk, I made time for her. After all, we were going to fuck, or so I thought. I had every expectation that I’d get laid. We always fucked. I figured she wanted to use me and my cock, just as I wanted to use her and her body. Talk… yes, we would talk… between fucks.

I picked her up. As usual her mother was cold to me. Her mom had been cold towards me ever since she caught us in bed with me balls deep up her daughter’s ass. Not that I could blame her, but that was two years prior and Mrs. Bradtfordt still held it against me. I was cordial and polite as always, and waited nervously in the foyer for Virginia to appear. I imagined that Mrs. Bradtfordt knew very well that were going off to fuck, sort of a mutual fuck ’em and leave ’em session, an energetic cock-and-pussy session just to satisfy our primal urges.

Virginia appeared carrying a knapsack, looking the part of a late 60’s hippie chick. The daughter passed in silence not saying a word to her mother. Always the gentleman, I held the door open while Virginia slipped into the front passenger seat. Moments later, we were off.

“Where to? The levee?”

“No, Jimmy. Take me to the bus station.”



“Going somewhere?”

“Yes. I’ve had enough of this place. I’m going canlı bahis şirketleri to hook up with my boyfriend and some other friends out in LA.

“LA? What’s in…?

“Jimmy, don’t make this hard. I’m leaving and I’m not coming back.”

“I see.”

“No, you don’t see. You couldn’t possibly see.”

“Your mom… she’s still…”

“She hates me. Really hates me.”

“Because she caught us in bed? How many years ago was that?”

“No, it’s not that. It’s more, much more.”

“You want to tell me about it?”

“No, Jimmy, I don’t. But… we go back, you and me… and… you’re my best friend, and…” Her sentence trailed off in a whisper.

“And what? Did I do something? Sorry I haven’t called, I’ve been…”

“No, you haven’t done anything and I don’t care if you didn’t call. I could have called you when I got in…”

“Yeah, you were supposed to call me.” Her mother had a well established habit of hanging up if I called, usually with a curt, ‘Don’t call here again.’

“I didn’t call and let’s leave it at that.”

“I’m not following you, Virginia.”

“Let me just say, that I love you, Jimmy. I always have.” I could sense that she was going to go emotional on me, but she just rubbed her hand over the back of the front seat and said, “You know, we’ve had some good times in this old junker.”

“Sure you don’t want to go behind the levee? You know, for a proper goodbye.”

“How about if I suck you off while you drive?” That sounded interesting but it was mid-afternoon and the traffic was already building.

“Not here! Come on. Let’s do it right. One last time.”

“For old times sake? You’re turning down a blowjob thinking I’ll just hike my dress up for you? Hmmm, in fact I’d love to, Jimmy. You know that… but my bus leaves in forty five minutes.”

“Take the next bus? I know! We’ll shack up for a few days at Carl’s. Hell, we could even sack up at my house… Mom’s off visiting her cousin. Dad won’t mind.”

“I’m sure he wouldn’t,” she said dourly.

“Yeah,” I continued, “Let’s go to my house. Then if you still want to go, you can catch a bus later in the week.”

“No. Lester is expecting me tonight in Dallas. Then we’ll head to California.”

“Lester. Is that his name?”

“Yes. He’s very sweet. Reminds me of you.”

“Has a big dick, huh?”

“Yes!” she laughed. “In fact he does have a big dick and I love it.”

“I thought so,” I replied sourly. “Okay, this Lester dude…”

“Forget about Lester for a moment.”

“Is that why you won’t fuck me?”

“No, I’d love to fuck you, Jimmy, but I have to catch the bus.”

“Can’t it wait?”

“No! I told you, I need to be on that bus… Today! Look, you’re the only person in this world I truly trust.”

“Yeah right… So why did you call me? Just for a ride?”

“I have something to tell you. Jimmy, you’re the only person I’ll ever tell this to. Maybe then you’ll finally understand me. I think I owe you that.”

“You don’t owe me, Virginia, but okay… shoot.”

“It’s too long and too complicated. Besides I might start crying and…”

“Not the crying, Virginia! Please, not the crying!”

“I’m trying, canlı kaçak iddaa damn you, I’m trying!” There was a long pause while she collected herself. “I wrote you a letter; a long letter. And I have something I want you to have. I don’t want it anymore. When I get on that bus, I leave my past behind. No longer will I be Virginia Bradtfordt, middle-class tramp, I’ll be Honeysuckle.”

“Honeysuckle? You mean as a name?”

“Of course as a name. In a few minutes, there will be no Virginia Bradtfordt. I will be Honeysuckle.”

I thought, ‘There she goes again with all that hippie mystic crap.’ “Honeysuckle, that’s nice.”

“You think so?”

“Not really, but it is appropriate.” Glancing down, I noticed that she wasn’t wearing her signature ankle bracelet. She’d always worn it and as far as I knew she never, never took it off. “Where’s your gold ankle bracelet? You lose it or something?”

“Yeah, I lost it. It belonged to Virginia Bradtfordt,” she said dourly. “Got ten bucks for it.”

We rode along in silence the rest of the way to the bus station on Loyola Avenue in downtown New Orleans. I pulled into the parking lot and found a secluded space surrounded by other cars.

“Sure you don’t want to shack up for a few days?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” she said with a hint of exasperation.

“Well, I guess this is it,” I said with some finality.

“Not quite,” Virginia replied as she dug around in her knapsack until she extracted a bundle wrapped in brown paper and neatly tied with red yarn. “This is for you.”

“Thanks… I guess.”

“That’s my life, Jimmy, up until very recently. Do with it as you want, because I’m discarding it.”

“Okay,” I replied without enthusiasm.

“Now, you can do something for me, Jimmy.”

“What’s that?”

“I think you know,” she replied as her hand stroked across my crotch.


“Just be still. This is my goodbye to you, Jimmy.” She began to unzip me. Looking around, I confirmed that there was adequate privacy. I unfastened my jeans, lifted my hips and slid my jeans and underwear down until my cock was free. Virginia lowered her head in my lap and took me into her mouth. I closed my eyes, savoring feel of her hot, moist mouth engulfing first the sensitive tip of my throbbing tool, then sliding down over my cock shaft.

How many times had we done this? I don’t mean just blowjobs, but blowjobs as I sat behind the wheel of my car in some parking lot. It was almost always in the day. At night, we’d be in the backseat with my cock buried up one of her holes. Then at night as I drove, she sucked. How many times?

I looked down at her head bobbing up and down, her long honey-blonde hair cascading across my lap, partially concealing the fact that my pants were down around my knees. As her head moved back and forth on my cock, each stroke brought her lips further down my thick shaft while her tongue would swirl up and down the underside of my shaft then on the upstroke, swirl around the head, sending electric chills all the way up my spine in response. The sound of her noisily slurping and murmuring as she sucked me drifted out the open window. God, she could suck cock!

It still hadn’t canlı kaçak bahis hit me, that this was the end of the road. The last sex act between us; the last sex act in a long series of sex acts stretching back across our adolescent years. All too soon I felt my balls stirring. I tried to hold off, thinking about some other thing, but it did no good… she was too good. Girl was a Virginiafic cocksucker. My hand gripped her behind the neck. She knew that I was close and it energized her to finish me off.

Violently my cock throbbed inside her mouth as the first blast of sperm-laden semen raced from my prostate, surged through my shaft and vented into her mouth. In mere seconds, the second pulse was shooting into her talented mouth, followed by a successive series of weakening pluses expelling ever-diminishing quantities of my seed.

When she pulled off, my head was lolled back and I was staring up at the tattered grey headliner while I fought to catch my breath. She let my softening cock slip from between her lips, but before she sat up, she gave it several kisses. Suddenly the door was open and she was outside.

“Virginia, wait!”

“I don’t have time, Jimmy! Honest. I’ve got to go.”

“C’mon, get back in the car,” I pleaded.

“No! Goodbye Jimmy!” She slung the knapsack over her shoulder and disappeared towards the station.

I slumped back into the seat to collect my thoughts. I couldn’t just let her leave like that, not without feeling those big tits of hers one more time. Scrambling to get my pants up and fastened, I quickly got nowhere fast. I should have just gotten out of the car to put my jeans back on, but I didn’t and I wasted valuable minutes struggling with the tight Levi’s while in a seated position pinned behind the over-sized steering wheel. Finally I did have sense to get out of the car to snap the button and zip the zipper. With my modesty restored, and precious time wasted, I ran after her.

She was nowhere to be seen in the bus station. I ran out onto the platform and checked around. No Virginia. Then I realized that there were no buses to Dallas either. I looked inside all the parked buses, but Virginia was not to be found. I went back inside and checked the schedule. There were no buses for Dallas anytime soon as a bus had departed an hour before. However a bus had just left. It was heading east, to Florida.

“Was there a girl, hippie-type, about five six with long blonde hair on it?” The agent just shrugged. I hung around for quite sometime, thinking that she’d might be hiding out, for whatever reason. I had given up on trying to figure her out years before, but it seemed like something she might do. Then again, maybe not. Regardless of what actually happened, I never saw nor heard from her again. For all practical purposes, my all-time-favorite slut girlfriend, Virginia Bradtfordt, vanished into thin air. I can only hope that Honeysuckle was a happier person.

You might think it crass of me to want to feel her up one last time in a bus station, but that girl had some incredible tits. Big tits with meaty nipples. The kind of tits that a man, young or old, could get lost between. Big tits with hardly any sag. Stripper’s tits. She had a nice ass too, a great looking ass, but those tits! It was her tits that first caught my attention in 8th grade.

Before I get into my long-term affair with Virginia, I need to describe what had taken place prior to our meeting each other.

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