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Growing up poor in a small seaside town on the verge of massive expansion can explain four years of Cory’s life like the pages of a book well read. Cory hit the ground running, took the ride in stride and never looked back. By the time he was thirty-four he had accomplished things most men his age would have never considered, and if they did, could never understand how to even begin getting to the starting gate to run the race.

After Cory tossed his nonsexual marriage of eleven years into the trash can, he ventured out and found a real nasty girl to play with. To his surprise, it only took four years. The day he told the busty babe he was finally divorced the slut finally accepted his numerous invitations to go to his place to do nothing else except fuck. That was a day Cory desperately needed. After years of pent up sexual frustration all he could do was gasp at the size of her breasts, watch her stroke his stiff penis, suck her fat nipples, wash her naked body in the shower, hump her soaped up breasts, lick her clitoris and rectum, stick his throbbing erection in her wet pussy while watching the cute blonde slut he had tried to fuck for four agonizing years look with deadpan eyes at his penis pumping her body with semen. Cory thought his performance rather stellar, she told him he was the worst fuck she ever had. Cory had to find a new coiffure to replace the busty blonde who’d been cutting his hair for the last four years.

Cory suddenly found himself thrust into a world of cold women with more excuses than convicts, more liars then the DC beltway, more drunken losers than a rehab center and more fucking cats then there are sheep in the world. Cory decided the only way to get the attention of beautiful women was to look like he had more money then the next guy.

As luck would have it, Cory landed a lucrative position as an international real estate developer’s liaison, bought a house on the water with no fixed bridges to the ocean, filled his wardrobe with expensive clothes and accessories, set a Fountain 38 Lightening on the boatlift, filled the three-car garage with an orange Porsche 934 RSR, a black Shelby Mustang 350 GT fastback and a restored 1949 Harley Davidson panhead, stocked the bar with fine wines and enough liquor to last a couple of years then turned his bedroom door into a turnstile for hookers.

Cory woke every morning at 4:00 am, made an international phone call, talked about the progress of the projects for an hour or so, hung up the phone, showered, shaved, dressed in a business suit and headed to the construction sites for an endless chain of meetings with greedy mother fuckers with no idea how the architect could fuck up a set of drawings so badly it was costing the owner he worked for a couple of million in change orders. Just before 10:00 am, Cory made another call and met a striking beauty at a pub at noon in a wealthy neighborhood. The place was simply called, ‘714’ and the interior of the establishment was wall-to-wall beautiful people.

At 7:00 pm, Cory waited for the same striking beauty to ring his doorbell and when he heard the Westminster chime, he graciously opened the door and ushered the hot slut to his bedroom, she stripped her pants and panties off, bent over the bed, and waited for Cory to butter his cock with lubricant, shove the fucker into her body, hump for a few seconds, unload with a grunt, smack the babe’s ass then tell her the cash is on the parson’s table in the foyer, and lock the door on the way out.

Sound like a real asshole?

That was yours truly … and here’s the rest of my story.

At 8:53 am on Tuesday, February 7, 1984, I was riding up in a rather droll elevator holding a black briefcase with four angry documents locked inside. The cute brunette standing next to me seemed to be sniffing me until I whispered, “it’s Versace,” then she blushed a bit and took a side step away from me with a look of caution. I really didn’t give a fuck what the cutie thought. I had an axe to grind with a certain individual calling himself a practicing architect.

When the door opened. I offered the cute brunette first exit holding my left arm out with a flip of my palm and a slight bow then whispered, “mademoiselle,” I could’ve sworn I heard the babe say, “fuck you asshole.”

I had been in Sam’s office several times over the last year, therefore knowing what to expect at the receptionist’s desk. Andrea was one of those girls men gaze at for no other reason than to fantasize about fondling her gorgeous tits. She had a fabulous pair of knockers. Andrea flaunted those puppies like they were made of the kind of gold only she could touch and the bitch never wore a Goddamn bra. Her fucking nipples were outrageously thick and I always wondered what it would be like to rub the tip of my stiff cock against those fat fuckers just to feel what it would be like to have my dick fucked by a fat nipple.

That day I expected to have an exclusive with Sam. That meant I had to take a right for the first time toward the executive offices instead of my usual left toward the conference room. As soon as I turned and started to walk toward the executive secretary gaziantep escort I nearly tripped at what I saw sitting behind the counter and said to myself, ‘No fucking way … Linda Carter? … no … ho, no … too fucking unreal.’

My heart started beating harder and I felt flush in my face, but I had to keep walking forward. When I was standing in front of the gorgeous woman I looked down and straight into her beautiful sexy blue eyes and had nothing to say.

“Hi, can I help you?” she asked softly.

I thought I was taking way to long to respond and when I did I stuttered my own fucking name, “Ca, Cory … Conner,” I’m uh here to see Sam … I have a nine a m.”

I heard the words come out of my mouth but I couldn’t for the life of me remember what I just said. My mind was going crazy with all sorts of clever one-liners, but nothing seemed appropriate. I thought; ‘Holy fuck what a beautiful fucking woman … I hope the fuck she stands up … I gotta see the rest of this gorgeous creature.’

“Hold on a sec, Mr. Conner, I’ll let Sam know.” She said as she reached and pressed a button on the console, “Hi Sam? … Your nine o’clock is here … yes sir,” then she released the button, looked up and asked cheerfully, “want some coffee?”

‘Coffee?’ I asked myself, ‘How about a couple of martinis and we get naked and play doctor for a week, honey.’ Then I snapped out of the sewer gutter and answered as gentlemanly as I could, “Yes please, black would be fine … oh, and you are?”

As the beauty slowly stood my eyes remained at her eye level and all I could see was the curves of her gorgeous chest rise toward me, then her thin waist then her hips, the next thing I had to confront was take her outreached hand and hold it in mine. “Korin, with a K, pleased to meet you Mr. Conner.”

Okay, I’ll stop here for a moment and ask a dumb question. “What the fuck does a horny womanizer say to a woman as stunning as a Linda Carter look alike with her elegant hand held out in anticipation of feeling my hand in hers?” … He can’t say anything … he gets a fucking woody.

As soon as my hand touched hers I knew there was an instant future in my life with this gorgeous woman in it. Brother, did I miscalculate that one by about five months.

My meeting with Sam was swift, that is after I asked if his errors and omissions policy was paid in full. Frankly I didn’t wish to spend the time with the guy. All I had on my mind was how in the fuck do I ask Korin out for cocktails and dinner.

At 4:15 am the next morning I got slugged in the right ear by a long distance booming voice about how the hell did we leave 50 grand on the table on the land deal in Boca. There wasn’t any correct answer.

By 7:30 I was getting ready to entertain two architects an engineer and four contractors loaded with the minutia of construction and not one understood what the fuck a real estate developer actually does. To make matters worse, I had a twenty something secretary with a horse face who couldn’t type her way out of high school, but the little tramp managed to get placed in my custody for a year. The only saving grace was the babe had an outrageous body and she didn’t know it. Halfway through my conference she stood up and planted her hot body directly in front of the east sliding glass door with the morning sun blasting through her white cotton t-shirt dress, raised her hands above her head, separated her feet and said, “what a beautiful day.”

Anyone who has never experienced looking at a young woman’s naked silhouette under white cotton without undergarments needs to. That is one, fucking awesome experience. The architect claiming to be a religious fellow dropped his papers on the floor, and I swear I heard him whisper, “Holy fuck.”

I felt it my duty as representative of the cash flow in the room to take matters into my own hands and rid the place of any thoughts related to a young woman’s body taking on eight men in the morning right there in my office space.

I excused myself and stepped toward Ann, place my hands on her shoulders and asked politely if she would mind taking the rest of the day off, with pay. Getting a hug from a twenty something female body in front of a team of professionals wasn’t my idea of resolving the issue and for an instant I felt Ann would probably be a great fuck, at least her body felt like it. No need to read forward, I get there, eventually. When I turned to look at the men sitting at my conference table it looked like a gang of drooling wolves at the last supper table.

Since I didn’t call my hooker for lunch that morning, it meant there wouldn’t be pussy to fuck that night, besides I had to figure out a way to ask Korin out and get her to actually want to go out with me. The first thing I thought was finagle Andrea into giving me Korin’s home phone and call her. Then I thought if I cold called Korin she’d want to know who gave me her home phone number. I thought, why bother Andrea, besides that could ruin my relationship with Andrea and a possible nipple fuck. Then I figured, I meet Sam on a somewhat regular basis, all I needed to do was make escort bayan an appointment and we can discuss bull shit for a second, then I can concentrate on Korin for a few minutes. It seemed a reasonable plan.

Saturday morning was bizarre. At 8:45 I got a call from the maintenance chief of the 49th Street project and he simply said someone needed to talk to me. I figured it was one of the tenants wanting some free stuff but I was surprised when I heard Ann’s voice in the receiver, “Can you come over, I wanna talk.”

‘Okay.’ I thought as I held the handset at arms length. Then I thought again and raised the handset to my ear, ‘talk about what?’ I suddenly got a gut feeling there was something going on and being a skirt chaser, I was more then ready and had nothing else to say except, “I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

I jumped in the Mustang and made it to the gatehouse in fifteen minutes, said, “hey Bob,” to the guard, parked the car in my space, met Caleb the concierge on my way to the elevator and stepped through the door of my office twenty minutes after I got the word, Ann needed to talk. As soon as Al saw me he stood and said he had to go, Ann was sitting on the sofa, smiled and said in a surprised voice, “God, you actually came.”

Ann looked like shit but I sat next to her anyway, placed my hand on her knee and asked, “Jesus Ann, what the fuck happened?”

“I had a fight with my boyfriend when I told him my boss cares more about me than he does,” said Ann softly.

Okay folks, you’re probably thinking, here we go, a typical secretary, slash, boss relationship, secret meetings at cheap rate motels, heavy petting and all that happy horse shit … Right?

“Oh … well, I’m flattered, but let me tell you, all relationships are dicey at best, but I discovered the solution for healthy relationships a long time ago,” I offered as I ran my finger up Ann’s thigh.

Ann looked at me with a cautious gaze then she watched my hand moving up her thigh, then I said softly, “You want a solid relationship, I can bet you guys started out dating, messed around in the backseat of a VW Beetle, he liked your tits, you liked his dick, you fucked, then tried to make a relationship based on how great a fucking couple you guys were … right?”

Ann looked at me with a perplexed gaze then said as she looked at the floor, “That’s not how it was at all.”

I placed my arm around her shoulder and said as I circled her knee with my finger, “That’s were you guys fucked up.”

Ann looked into my eyes and said, “I don’t know what you mean.”

“You want a relationship with me Ann?” I asked sincerely.

“That would be awesome.” She responded as she wiggled her tits.

I stood up and faced her, held my hands out then waited for her to take my hands. She looked up and smiled a little then asked, “What do you want me to do?”

“Give me your hands and come with me,” I said as I wiggled my fingers.

Ann reached for my hands and I lifted her up then walked her to the back room with one arm around her lower back and one holding her hand at her stomach. When we were at the backroom I turned her to face the doorway and lowered my hand to her buttock and gently squeezed the tight mound of cold flesh.

“Lets go in here,” I whispered as I ushered her into the space.

“What are we doing Cory?” she asked sweetly as I moved her body to face the window.

“You’re going to stand right here … and don’t move,” I said as I positioned her to face the window. Then I reached for the zipper talon behind her neck and under her hair. As I started to slowly pull the talon down her body she lifted her arms and covered her chest as the material of her dress began to open revealing the skin of her back and her bra clasp. When I had the talon at the bottom of the zipper I raised my hands and slowly slipped the material of her dress over her shoulders. When she resisted and clinched the front of her dress I whispered, “Let go of the dress Ann.”

I could feel the resistance in her movement as she slowly lowered her arms and released the material enough for the cloth to slide over her shoulders but she held the cloth with her elbows to keep it from falling below her waist.

“Let it go Ann,” I whispered as I held her elbows in my palms and pulled her arms slightly away from her waist. When the material fell to her arms I reached in front of her and lowered her hands to her side. The material fell to her waist, then to her ankles. I scanned the curves of her back and buttocks and thought; ‘what a fucking beautiful body.’

“Step out of the dress Ann,” I whispered as she raised her arms to cover her chest again.

Ann stepped out of the dress and I knelt behind her and moved it aside then quickly stood, placed my hands on her waist and leaned into her until my lips touched her hair at her right ear.

“Relax Ann,” I whispered as I reached around her and gently pulled her hands down to her waist.

The silence in the room was magnificent as I felt my penis rise up in my pants in celebration of seducing a young woman. I had to fuck the girl and teach her she never need fear an aggressive man again. Just as I slipped my fingers under the shoulder straps of her bra she raised her hands once again to her chest and whispered, “I don’t know if we should be doing this here.”

I paused for a moment then said, “We can go to my place, it’s more private,” then I slid her bra straps over her shoulders, let the straps fall to her biceps, lowered my hands then gently gripped the soft skin of her waist. “You’re going to loose the bra Ann, and then the panties.”

I felt her tighten her muscles slightly as I slipped my hands to the clasp of her bra. The snaps surprisingly popped open with one flick then I let the straps drape the side of her body. “Let it go Ann.”

Ann’s breathing became deeper as I reached around her body and gently separated her hands. She tilted her head back a little and whispered, “Oh God.”

As I gently lowered her hands to her side the bra slowly fell down her torso until it rested on our hands. When I released my grip on her hands the bra fell to the floor at her feet. She raised her hands once again and covered her naked breasts as I slipped my fingers between her soft cold skin and the elastic of her panty. I felt her twitch a little then she dropped her head forward. Her breathing became heavier as I slid the waistband of her panty over her hip and down her cold buttocks until they rested just below the curves of her succulent ass.

“Jesus Ann, you have a beautiful white ass,” I whispered as I studied the tiny hairs on the soft white skin.

I felt Ann’s body stiffen then she said softly, “I’m on my period.”

I giggled a little then moved my head closer to her right ear and whispered, “Bull shit, I don’t smell it.” Then I quickly squat behind her, yanked her panty down to her ankles then quickly stood erect.

“Oh my God Cory … I’m naked in front of you,” whispered Ann as I watched her back expand and contract as she began breathing in quick heaves.

I placed my hands gently on the cold soft skin of her waist and scanned the backside of her naked body then said softly, “No you’re not … you still have on your heels.”

Ann bent forward slightly and whispered with a slight whimper, “I suppose you’re going to take those off too.”

I lowered my right hand to her right buttock and gently squeezed the soft cold mound as I raised my left hand and smoothed the cold skin of her abdomen then I pressed gently on her lower chest cavity to force her to stand erect while placing my lips near her left ear. I could feel her body shivering as her chest cavity revealed her quickened breathing then I whispered in her ear, “Step out of your panty.”

I kept my lips next to her ear as I felt her lower body move slowly until she stopped moving except for her breathing. “That’s a good girl, see there, getting naked for Cory isn’t so bad is it?”

I felt Ann take a deep breath of air then exhale before she asked softly and with a slight whimper, “What are you going to do to me Cory?”

I gently squeezed her right buttock then whispered in her ear, “If a man is seducing a woman, he never tells her what’s next, it ruins the sexual stimuli, as well as the fear of the unknown.”

“Oh my God,” whispered Ann as I felt her hands tighten against her chest and her breathing increase.

I raised my left hand to grip her wrists then whispered in her ear as I gently tugged, “Let go of your tits Ann.”

Ann released the air in her lungs as I guided her hands and they slowly descended her body. I placed her hands against the patch of hair covering her mound then released my grip. I knew she was finally surrendering, but she sure as shit was making me work for it.

I quickly squat behind her and moved her clothing away from her feet then stood, gently placed my hands on her cold shoulders and whispered, “Turn around and face me.”

As I guided her, Ann turned with four slow steps until she was facing me with her head down and her hands cupping her mound. I scanned her naked body and studied her breasts. They were a subtle curve of femininity with light brown areolas and her dark brown nipples were stiff and fat. Her stomach was so flat it was nearly concave and her thighs protruded slightly forward of her hips, I couldn’t resist saying the obvious, “Ann, you are a beautiful fucking woman.”

I waited for her to look up and when she didn’t respond I gently placed my right fingers under her chin, lifted tenderly and her head tilted up. When our eyes met she began moving her eyes from side to side as if she was scanning the room for an escape route. After a few moments I whispered firmly, “Ann, look at me honey.”

She stopped scanning the room and I looked deep into her huge brown eyes. I could see fear as well as desire and I knew this little whore was really putting on one hell of a show. The only thing left to do before she turned into a complete slut was gently kiss her. When she realized she was about to be kissed she closed her eyes then lifted her head slightly and our lips met in a long tender kiss. I was surprised she tasted sweet like nothing I had ever tasted then I realized I was kissing a woman who was born when I was in high school. When we released our lips she looked into my eyes, blinked then whispered with a slight whimper, “What do you want me to do?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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