A Beach Adventure Ch. 3

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Chapter 3: A Morning Surf

The water was cold to touch as Steve dived into the surf the next morning. Wearing just boardshorts and a rash vest he paddled out the beachbreak in front of his beachouse and awaited a wave. The waves were around 1-2 metres in height, a little full because of the tide, but still rideable all the same.

As he waited in between waves, Steve thought about last night. They were both two very attractive girls obviously loved each other very much and both had a healthy sexual relationship. He hoped that maybe he could join in a little of the fun once the work was out of the way, but first there were waves to catch.

Amanda woke with a start. It took a while to get her bearings. She looked over at Katie who was still fast asleep. The sun was just starting to come up. She quietly got out of bed, tied back on her sarong and padded out to the front of the house.

What a sight! The sun was just jutting out over the hills behind her and the waves were crashing on the beach. The air was thick with salt and cleanliness. “Wow” she thought, “how could you leave this every weekend and go to work?” Just then she spied Steve out amongst the waves.

He caught a wave, as she watched, and rode it almost all the way in. His longboard lazily making patterns on the wave as Steve controlled his path. The rash vest clung to his well toned upper body and Amanda felt a familiar feeling stirring in her cunt. She stepped from the house down onto the beach and made her way to the waters edge.

Amanda was gauging the temperature of the water with her red toe-nailed feet when Steve came in from his surf.

“Morning. Sleep well I trust?” he asked.

“Yes. Very well thanks” replied Amanda. The sun was now a little higher in the sky and directly behind Amanda which made it appear as she was naked – which she was under her sarong.

Steve stripped off his rash vest and placed it and his board up on the beach before joining Amanda back at the waters edge. “Care for a swim before breakfast?” Steve asked.

“I don’t have my togs on?” she replied looking at Steve.

“Well if I take mine off we will be even” replied Steve not waiting for a reply and removing his boardshorts. He never wore speedos when he surfed and so he stood before Amanda naked. Amanda blushed as she had not seen a naked for a long time now and the sight of Steve standing there with 10″ of cock hanging between his legs was almost too much for her. She calmly untied her sarong and took Steve’s hand and ran into the water.

The water was cool on Amanda’s skin but also refreshing. She swam out beyond on the first break where they both could stand.

“This is a very beautiful place Steve” said Amanda to Steve.

“Thank you. I’m blessed to have two very beautiful guests staying with me this weekend,” replied Steve making Amanda blush again. Amanda’s firm 34C tits floated with the help of the saltwater as she stood looking back at the house.

She watched Steve swim a little further and then back again. He came quite close to her and Amanda wanted to reach out and hold him. She had not been held by a man for a long time and definitely not by a man like Steve Turner.

“Everything OK?” asked Steve karataş escort who sensed Amanda was a little distant.

“I just thinking about something you said last night, about Katie and me. About how you knew about us. How did you know?” asked Amanda with concern on her face.

Steve came even closer to her. “It’s just the way you two look at each other. It’s easy to spot lovers,” he said looking deep into Amanda’s eyes, “I don’t have any issue with it. Besides for all you know I could be gay. What difference does it make as long as it doesn’t impact your work.”

“Ah, ha,” said Amanda, a question springing to her lips. “Well seeing as you are so open about things, I notice you have some interesting photos in your hallway.”

Now it was Steve’s turn to blush. “Oh so you have seen the photo of Brad and myself” he replied, “I have a keen interest in photography and that was taken at one of my parties.” The emphasis was on parties.

“What sort of parties?” mocked Amanda swimming a little closer to Steve and trying to get a better look at his cock. The water was so clear you could see the bottom.

“I have a few friends over. We drink a little wine, smoke a little pot and then see what happens. I usually end with a few good photos out of it” smirked Steve knowing he had Amanda’s attention. He reached out to her and she swam into his arms. Without saying a word they kissed in a passionate but tender way. Their tongues explored each other’s mouths and Steve’s hands began to rub Amanda’s tits and tease her nipples.

The kiss seemed to go on for ever. Amanda had never kissed like this except maybe Katie. Steve’s lips were soft and she felt his cock grow hard and press into her cunt. Suddenly his cock was pushing into the entrance of her cunt and despite the seawater her cunt was on fire. She cried out as he entered her.

“Oh fuck Steve that is good. I never knew it would be like this” snarled Amanda wrapping her legs around Steve waist pulling his cock even further inside her. “Be gentle. This is my first time with a man.”

Steve was taken aback. He knew that Amanda was a lesbian but assumed she had tried men first. Gently he pistoned his cock in and out of her hot cunt. He bent to bit her firm nipples as they fucked in the surf. Despite his efforts last time Steve could feel his cum starting to build inside him.

“I’m gunna cum” he snarled at Amanda, his eyes screwing up with the intensity of the oncoming orgasm.

“Cum inside me Steve. I want to feel your cum in my body” yelled Amanda not caring if Katie awoke and saw her and her boss fucking in the surf.

“Oh yeahhhhhh babbby take this” yelled Steve as his hot cum hit the back of Amanda’s cunt with such force that she could feel it. He emptied his cock into his pretty PA and some cum seeped out and floated to the surface.

“What have I been missing” cooed Amanda as she felt Steve’s cock limply leave her cunt.

“That was unbelievable. I have never cum so hard” said Steve who was struggling to stay upright. “Come on lets go in before we drown. I’m starved.”

Steve and Amanda headed for shore and the beachhouse picking up their clothes and Steve’s board as they went. They dropped them at the front door and Steve took Amanda’s hand as they ran naked through the house and into Steve’s bathroom. Steve quickly had the hot water running and they both jumped into a huge double shower. It had shower nozzles at each end and a bench seat at one end. The shower nozzles were also detachable.

Steve and Amanda were immediately French kissing again and running their hands over each others bodies. They didn’t here Katie enter the room until she was standing at the shower door.

“Can I join in?” said Katie opening the door and not waiting for an answer.

“Why sure” said Steve “cum join the party.”

Katie couldn’t wait to get her hands on Steve’s cock so she took the soap and lathered up his cock that was now starting to rise to the occasion again. After Katie rinsed it clean she crouched down and started to suck Steve’s cock. The head of his cock disappeared down the blonde’s throat no trouble at all – after she was a great cocksucker before she turned to woman. After a while of Katie deep throating him, Steve motioned to toward the bench seat. Amanda had detached one of the shower heads as was sitting a astride the bench legs spread training the stream of hot water onto her clit.

Katie took the shower from her hand, passed it to Steve and proceeded to lick her girlfriends cunt and nibble on her clit. Steve replaced the shower so they could all stay warm whilst they continued their orgy. Amanda seized the opportunity to grab at Steve’s cock while he replaced the shower. She stroked it then tentatively stuck out her tongue licking at his hole. Steve jumped and Amanda took this as a cue to swallow his cockhead down her throat. As Amanda begun to give her first real headjob Steve reached down and played with her nipples. This made Amanda’s cunt throb even more and she gulped down more of Steve’s cock.

“That’s a girl” said Katie looking up from Amanda’s wet cunt, “do just like I told you last night.” Katie continued to watch and coach the redhead giving Steve a mind blowing head job. “Don’t let him cum though” said Katie “I want that for my cunt!”

“Jesus” thought Steve, “here I am having two woman fight over who gets my cum next. It doesn’t get much better than this he thought, but it was about to get better…

Katie was manoeuvring herself to take Amanda’s place on the seat. Amanda took the cue to swap places. Katie sat on the bench, spread her legs and snarled “cum and fuck me while my girlfriend licks your balls and ass.”

Steve rubbed his cock at the entrance to the hot blonde’s cunt. Katie helped by rubbing her clit as Steve’s cock slowly sunk into Katie’s wet hole and Amanda’s began to attack his balls and ass. Amanda was on her knees behind Steve bathing his balls and ass in her saliva. Both girls had waited a long time to have Steve and now they were making the most of it.

“Lick his ass and then finger fuck it Amanda” breathed Katie as Steve started to build up a good rhythm and ploughed his cock into her cunt. She hadn’t had a cock this big for long time and dildo’s never did really feel the same. She grabbed at Steve’s ass to pull him deeper into her cunt and to also allow Amanda greater access. Amanda registered for the first time that Steve’s balls and ass were shaved and this made her even more hornier. She ran her tongue up and down his crack and he moaned with appreciation. “Oh yeah Amanda lick my ass as I fuck your Katie” cried Steve. His balls were slapping against Katie’s ass and her head was thrown back and her orgasm was approaching.

“Fuck me Steve. Fuck my cunt with your hot cock” yelled Katie pulling Steve’s ass wide apart for Amanda to take the opportunity to rub a cunt-juiced fingered into her bosses ass. She buried her finger to the first knuckle and rubbed Steve’s G-spot. This made Steve almost explode instantaneously but he wanted to held on a little longer. It took all of his staying power but he continued to plough into Katie’s cunt until the blonde with deeper and deeper strokes.

“Fuccccccckkkkkkkk I’m cummmmming” screamed Katie washing Steve’s cock with her cunt juices. Amanda was lapping them up as she tried to lick the entrance to Katie’s cunt as Steve continued to fuck the blonde as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her.

It wasn’t long before Steve could feel his orgasm and he told Amanda to grab his balls and feel it tighten. Amanda didn’t need to feel – she could see it!!! Steve pulled out of Katie’s cunt and quickly Amanda’s swallowed Steve’s cock as he started to cum. Despite jerking off last night, he still had plenty of cum for the redhead to try to swallow. Amanda gulped as much of the new tasting fluid as she could and then pulled Steve’s cock from her mouth and jerked some cum onto her tits.

“You like that cum don’t you” said Steve looking down at the redhead who now had cum seeping from the corner of her mouth and covering her tits.

“Ah, ha” said Amanda rubbing the fluid into her firm 34C tits. Katie crawled over to Amanda and tongue kissed her in order to taste Steve’s cum. The two girls entwined their tongue to allow each other to taste the rich cum.

They were all exhausted by this stage and Steve suggested they quickly wash up and have some breakfast. Soap was quickly passed around, body parts washed and then they were out of the shower and towelling off.

“If you like after I will show you my darkroom” said Steve to the girls as they all trooped off to the kitchen. None had bothered to put on any clothes. Steve quickly prepared poached eggs and toast and the girls set the outside table.

“That would be great” said Amanda looking at Katie who blew her a kiss.

“I told you he had the hots for you” teased Katie.

“Well you just got the fucking of a lifetime by the looks of your swollen pussy lips” replied Amanda looking down at Katie’s puffy lips, “so I think he likes both of us”.

“I guess so” said Katie as she slipped a finger down to stroke her pussy remembering the fucking she had just got from her girlfriend’s boss.

“Well lets just hope there’s more where that came from” said Amanda sitting next to Katie and slipping a finger into the blonde’s pussy.

“Me too” said Katie opening her legs to accommodate the redheads long finger.

Amanda pulled her finger from Katie’s pussy and sucked off the juices just as Steve arrived with breakfast.

“I hope you two weren’t going to start without me” smiled Steve as he placed a plate of poached eggs in front of each girl.

“Later” chuckled both girls as they tucked into their breakfast.

To Be Continued…

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